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Crush Battle Royale

8 May

John Krasinski and Jimmy Fallon engaged in a lip syncing battle on Late Night and this made my entire day.

It also reminded me that when it comes to celebrity crushes I really have excellent taste.


Savvy 6, Part 7

21 Apr

I’ve been addicted to popping in my headphones at work and hunkering down to get actual major accomplishments done in any given day. I’ve stuck mostly just to shuffle on the full library of music and there have been some highs and a few lows. Here’s what’s on tap this AM:

Not Coming Home; Maroon 5
Ah yes, a classic. In the middle of a fight with DJ Anonymous in college I once used this song as my comeback. Is it really that hard to think that I can’t use my words to talk through my feelings like an adult and resorted to sending a song as the representative of what I was feeling/thinking to the King of Emotional Music Based Conversations? No. The answer is no. Anytime¬† I hear this song I do smirk because it was an on point retaliation to the situation. So not only is this a killer song but it’s off Maroon 5’s best album which holds a special place in my heart.

Magic; Colbie Caillat
I remember coming across Colbie Caillat before her first album deal was signed and she was on of those great MySpace discoveries. Yep, I’m taking it back to those sweet MySpace days. Her music is light and happy yet filled with emotion and never gets old. The Sox Fan and I went to her first show in Portland and while The Sox Fan almost got into an altercation with a fellow concert attendee who he felt was invading his personal space it did provide a fun story after the fact. Perhaps that dude still owes him dinner for invading his personal space so severly…

Love Your Way; Powderfinger
I could dedicate an entire on-going series of blogs to my love of Powderfinger. Powderfinger opened for Coldplay back in 2000 and I was immediately a fan. Recently they announced they are breaking up and being that they are an Australian band short of me buying a ticket for their remaining shows half way around the world I’ll just have the memory of their awesome show and their albums which are in heavy rotation on my iTunes to keep me going. My favorite line easily is: I love your way, I can’t explain, what made me change.

Kiss; Prince
One of the concerts I have to see before I die is Prince in Vegas. I mean seriously…can you imagine a more fun, massive dance party? Prince shouldn’t be confined to playing shows in his home state of Minnesota. He should be enjoyed in lively places like Sin City…with me…and my girlfriends…with lots of cocktails…and cute dresses…you get the idea. Kiss is not my favorite Prince song but it never fails to put me into a good mood and make me dance a little…even if it is at my desk at work.

Young Blood; Norah Jones
The title of this song reminds me of this odd pop culture obsession with vampires. Twilight, True Blood, Vampire Diaries, and if you want to take it back old school Buffy the Vampire Slayer…and I’m talking about the Kristy Swanson movie version people. But back to Norah Jones, I enjoy The Fall, the album this song is off of – it’s an interesting departure from her previous work. Good song, slightly haunting, but in an enjoyable way.

Mannequin; Katy Perry
No, I don’t find it odd that I have Katy Perry on my iPod. Oddly enough this came on the other night on my run and I realized this song totally fits my life. Dating someone who acts like a soul-less shell of a person who doesn’t realize that the person who cares about them can never do so as long as they remain in essence a mannequin. Oof. Good paced running song though.

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