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My quest for the best running socks

22 May

It’s all about the gear. I may have used that obsession with the right gear to justify some extensive purchases and many a trial of products but none more than running socks.

Your feet are bearing the brunt of your entire body in motion pounding the pavement. The least you can do is offer them the best comfort and technology out there.

In all the socks I’ve tried – including years of Nike running, adidas, and even some off brands from running specialty shops THE BEST RUNNING SOCK is the Nike Dri-Fit Elite Cushion No-Show.

Nike Dri-Fit Cushion No-Show Socks

Product details below but these are the game changers friends.

The Nike Dri-FIT Elite Cushion No-Show Running Socks are made with sweat-wicking fabric in a design tailored specifically to women. Three levels of cushioning reduce impact while built-in arch support wraps the foot for a snug, athletic fit.

Dri-FIT fabric to wick away sweat and help keep you dry and comfortable
Rib cuffs for snug fit and durability
Nike Swift technology to reduce aerodynamic drag on the ankle
Curved heel and tapered toe box designed for a woman’s foot
Cushion foot for comfort and shock absorption
Arch support for a snug, secure fit
Left/right-specific for enhanced fit


Hiatus like WHOA.

7 May

So it turns out I really botched that whole blogging once a week 2012 goal. In fact it’s been just a couple weeks short of a YEAR since I blogged. Which basically means I’m the only person who remembers this blog exists.

BUT I’m no quitter. So here we are. I missed my 5 year Blogiversary – and given my lack of keeping up with this it’s no major cause for celebration.

I will get better about blogging and sharing posts of what I’ve been up to, what things I find in the world I want to share and using this little space on the interwebs to keep myself honest about what I want to achieve.

In the spirit of looking forward (don’t worry friends, there’s plenty of time for rehashing the missing year of activities on this bad boy) I want to share three things I am excited for in the next week:

1. The Great Gatsby. The soundtrack is outstanding, the previews look breathtaking and it’s a great book so I can only hope the movie will achieve the same special place of lovely in my heart.

2. My first trip to Half Moon Bay for my friend Maggie’s wedding! Can’t wait to see a new gorgeous part of California and celebrate with friends.

3. Getting back into running. Yes, I just completed the Nike Women’s Half Marathon on DC on 4/28/13 but it actually inspired me to want to be a better runner – which means training and discipline and for the first time in a long time I want that.

Quick, simple and with the post-it note I left on my desk here at work reminding me to BLOG hopefully the first of many as I re-vamp this site a little…after all, it’s been 5 years.

New Gear

26 Mar

I hit a bit of a lull in my swim, run, yoga workout fest late last month. I had two back to back weekends in Tahoe (I won’t complain about that because Tahoe is amazing and the trips were fantastic) but running at altitude after living at sea level is not a pretty feeling for your lungs and anytime you spend a weekend traveling out of town it takes a couple days to recover before you’re bounding out of bed at 6am to workout.

After that minor set back I then jumped back in perhaps a bit too ambitious – aka I didn’t account for any time off and went a bit overboard. So after giving myself some run recovery time and ramping up my swim workouts I’m back – and what says back in action like NEW GEAR!

I realized after 3 years, open water swims and a triathlon or two I shouldn’t of been shocked to see the indentation on my goggles leaking in water. Plus, when you’re spending 4-5 hours in a pool a week it gets annoying having a little mini pool in your right goggle. NEW GOGGLE TIME!

Also, nothing says no excuses like new running shoes. If you’re serious into running and haven’t ever tried Brooks you are missing out. These bad boys are my gold standard for comfort, long mileage and durability. AMAZING – NEW SHOES!



Brooks – Glycerin 9.

Lessons from the Gym.

20 Jan

6 weeks ago from today, 12/9/11 to be specific, I sustained a foot injury. I’d like to say it was a really cool story but mostly it was a co-worker at the agency holiday party got too drunk and slammed her stiletto heel through the top part of my peep toe shoe to then pierce basically the joint between toes 2 and 3 of my left foot. Yes, ouch.

After some serious profanity, more cocktails, a doctor visit and set of x-rays it was determined that there was no break, there was no trace of a fracture BUT there was significant muscle bruising that would require a 6 week break from running and NO heels. Which for a 5′ 3″ girl who has been known to rock some serious heels and have them make up the majority of her closet this was a harsh reality to be living in.

I’m happy to report I’ve made it through those six weeks with fairly little incident. I expanded my collection of flats to include a basic black Vera Wang Lavender option as well as a studded camel suede option from J.Crew. BUT, even with the “need” to buy new shoes it was still sad to welcome in 2012 at a fabulous party in flats.

SO, in lieu of my outdoor running I started swimming again to keep my body used to endurance training and with swimming comes new adventures in the gym. And when I say new adventures, I mean awkward moments and off beat behavior such as:

  • People who are constantly heavy sighing and moaning in the showers/steam room/locker room – um, hello, it’s awkward to listen to your sighing/moaning for no apparent reason
  • People who talk to themselves while working out. Not like quiet dialogue, I’m talking counting off reps and laps like they are reporting their progress in their swim workout to a non-existent coach on the side of the pool. Please also note, in a pool there is a LOT of echo so it’s extra loud.
  • Strangers who get REAL close and REAL nude when you’re getting ready. Personal space is just polite people – especially when there is a severe lack of clothing involved.

Tomorrow marks my first run since the foot incident and while I am looking forward to it in that I can get back out there and start 1/2 marathon training again as well as have a break from some of the gym people I’m also terrified. 6 weeks is a LONG break from running so it’s going to be a major reality check when I’m wheezing around mile 1…woof.

It’s getting pretty serious…

6 Aug

I’m currently attempting to train for my second 1/2 marathon and as I valuably learned during triathlon training the key to running is in the shoes.

It had been about 2 years since my last running shoe fitting and while I did go through a couple pairs of my initial fitting shoes (Asics 2140 & 2150) and venture out testing some other styles from Nike (LunarGlide 2+ and LunarEclipse+)ultimately I knew I really wanted to get re-fit and see what as of now I should be running in.

Initially I was told that I had a tendency to slightly over-pronate so I need a more stability focused shoe. This time I was told that my gait is neutral – suck it stability shoes! The benefit to neutral running shoes honestly for me is the variety and wider array of color-way options; clearly very important things.

I tested 3 pairs of shoes (Saucony, Nike and Brooks). While I would consider trying the Nike Vomero 6+ that I tested the clear winner from my brief test of running back and forth outside Portland Running Company was the Brooks Defyance 4.

These shoes have been a game changer for sure. I’m now a handful of runs in and I feel stronger, able to push my endurance and ultimately I feel like I can focus on my form by having a shoe that is better suited to my gait.

So while the color way is a bit orange starburst fruit chew I’m learning to get over it – hopefully in a future release I can get some green or yellow in these bad boys. But if you see a relationship change in my Facebook status it’s probably going to be between myself and these shoes.

Running and Books – A Nerd’s Life

1 Aug

Yep, that pretty much sums up what I’m into these days.

I’m training for my second 1/2 marathon this October – 10/16/11 in SF in case you are interested in spectating – and while I am well behind where I should be I have actually been consistent since I started back up with running. Ultimately I think my experience will be better than it was last year but I’m really looking to get in a PR in May at the Rock ‘n Roll 1/2 in PDX. But enough about running…let’s get into the nerdier things in life.

Books. I set the goal to read 30 books this year. Factoring in that I am living in a new city, at a new job and well just in general life seems to be busier than ever I realized 30 books was a decent goal. In the past couple years I tried 24 books a year (completed) and 36 books a year (derailed) so 30 feels like a middle ground that should be achievable. Also factoring in I live literally 1.5 blocks from a library I felt it was great and I’d be right on track.

Oh wait, it’s 8/1 and I’ve only read 12 books! GAH! Thanks to the goal I set on Good Reads I’m 5 books behind pace or 18% behind my goal. F. Know any good books I need to read to get my to-read list fuller and maybe re-inspire my reading needs? I mean, let’s be honest, I’m way too competitive to let this slide but new book recos are always welcome!

I’m the worst runner ever.

10 Jun

That might seem like a dramatic statement but trust me I don’t think it is. I think it’s just straight up fact.

I have a 1/2 marathon in San Francisco in October and I have done very little training. When I say very little I mean practically nothing. It doesn’t help that the rainy weather during “Spring” has been completely depressing and the opposite of fun to head out in. It probably doesn’t help that I have been feeling so completely overwhelmed and frustrated with my work situation so the last thing on my mind at night is to come home and run. It also doesn’t add anything to my motivation that morning workouts are the antithesis of what I want to be doing when it’s so warm in my bed and I love me some sleep.

So here we are, almost mid-June and just like a finish line at a race that actual race day in October is a stationary object and all I can do is move towards it.

I need some accountability from you internet readers. Please on a regular basis ask me how far I ran recently. Ask me how many miles I’ve run in the last week. Don’t ask me questions like, how is training going? You know why…because I can say, it’s going poorly and then that can be the end of the subject. If I am forced to tell you details like mileage I’ll feel guilty and then I will train in prep for the next time you ask me about my race day progress.

Thanks for the support. I’m going to need it.

Have I mentioned running is lame? 🙂

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