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Planning for Greece!

15 May

Greece has been on my shortlist of places to visit for as long as I can remember.

As an Anthropology and more specifically Archaeology student/nerd I’ve been mesmerized by all of the ruins and history and sites…needless to say while some people envision Greece as their exotic honeymoon location it’s always been a history dork-out for me.

This July I not only turn 30 but I’m also taking my first real BIG vacation to GREECE! Booked my flights in March and suddenly it’s the middle of May and I need to nail down hotels/lodging, an actual itinerary, transportation and the what to see/when list of tourism.

Athens will be the only mainland destination and the rest of the 13 days is split amongst some key islands. I mean, after all it’s July, the peak of heat and high season and I need some relaxation via beach.

Share any tips or must sees my way and here’s the first look at my plan:

Arrive Friday, 7/19 late evening – Athens
Saturday, 7/20 and Sunday, 7/21 – Athens
Monday, 7/22 – Leave Athens for Mykonos – Arrive Mykonos/day to explore/evening
Tuesday, 7/23 – Day trip from Mykonos to Delos – evening in Mykonos
Wednesday, 7/24 – Leave Mykonos for Naxos – Arrive Naxos explore/evening
Thursday, 7/25 and Friday, 7/26 – Naxos
Saturday, 7/27 – Leave Naxos for Santorini – Arrive Santorini explore/evening
Sunday, 7/28 – Tuesday, 7/30 – Santorini
Wednesday, 7/31 – Leave Santorini/Back to Athens – arrive/relax and spend the night
Thursday, 8/1 – Fly back to USA


26.5: The Back Half

7 Jan

As of today I am on the back half of my 26th year.

That’s right friends, my half birthday was yesterday and I am now quickly headed towards 27 this summer. 27 – when the hell did I get this old?

Oddly enough I’m not freaking out about owning a house, having a husband or even a family. I’m pretty content in my little life with my large investments in shoes and freedom to do whatever I want whenever I feel like it. It’s mostly just the number 27 that freaks me out. It just sounds so…mature.

Things to look forward to in this back half sliding towards the big 2-7:

  • Blondie being home from NYC for a visit
  • A trip for me out to NYC
  • Baseball season and venturing to the great North for Red Sox baseball (even though the first of two visits to Seattle is after my birthday I need something to look forward to and that’s baseball season since my college football days are over this season)
  • Adventures in cooking – you have to learn sometime
  • Running races and triathlons (specific races TBD)
  • Seeing Bird Legs cross the finish line at Ironman CDA
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